Archangel & Bad Bunny – the jumpa

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  • Artist(s) Name: Archangel & Bad Bunny
  • Song Name: the jumpa
  • Produced By: MAG & JULIA LEWIS
  • label: Rhymes Music
  • Written By: Archangel & Bad Bunny
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre & Category: Rap/Pop
  • Source:

Austin Agustín Santos, better known by his stage name Arcángel, is a singer and songwriter born December 23, 1985 in New York City, and eventually moved to Puerto Rico in 2002, interested in becoming a performer of reggaeton, a contemporary Latin American urban music genre. While living in Puerto Rico, he would eventually form part of a popular then-underground reggaeton act, Arcángel & De La Ghetto. The duo eventually went on to make songs that became popular among reggaeton fans in the United States and Puerto Rico, including “Agresivo”, “Sorpresa” and “Mi Fanática” during the mid-2000s, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “the jumpa featuring Bad Bunny” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform, is committed to providing you with quality content and we will always do that. Download and Listen to All the Latest Nigerian, American, South African and other songs on for free. Thanks. And don’t forget to comment on your thought in the comment box below.

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Archangel & Bad Bunny – the jumpa Lyrics

[Intro: Archangel]
Archangel, pa
Once a—

[Verse 1: Arcángel]
She doesn’t like reggaeton
But she loves how the sensation sings (Yeah)
It wasn’t my intention (Yeah, yeah)
Staying with all the attention
I live in a mansion and I don’t even know the address (Oh my God)
He is bastard, very bastard
Papi Arca, ask me for a blessing (Ah; auh!), bitch
Damn (Uncle), my house is a hotel and the view looks bastard (Beautiful)
I can land a plane on it , I just need the clue (Wow)
Impossible for this combination to fail (No), of flow a mixed salad (Aha)
Palomo, don’t insist, when talking about greatness you’re not on the list
No, nevеrland I take them apart
like Legoland (Yap, yah)
And if I point out mine they give them to you (Pa-pa-pa)
And you go inside , but from the Van
From the neck up it’s very cold (Oops)
I arrive and snow falls on the farmhouse (Yessir)
Leaving these scumbags without a gift’
Santa Claus with the essence of the Grinch got in’ (Rrra)

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[Chorus: Arcángel & Bad Bunny ]
And I saw her, she walks with do’, the friend looked at me
The VIP got stuck, of course she did, of course she came in
Hello, my name is Arcángel, a pleasure, a pleasure
Today you’re going ‘with a legend that will not be born again, no ( Hey )
And I already saw her, go with do’, the friend looked at me
The VIP stuck, of course she did, of course she entered
Hello, haha, my name is Bad Bunny, a pleasure, a pleasure
Take advantage of me today, who will or will not see me again ( Hey, hey )

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]
Your baby wants me to break it (Bellaca), heh, Luka, stepback, the jumpa (Hey)
You are crazy for selling your soul, but not even the devil will buy it for you (Haha)
I don’t have a compe (Nah), ask your compa (No!)
The whole world already knows, that’s why Bad Bunny doesn’t even snore (Amen)
Grandparents and their little grandchildren listen to me ‘thug’ (Prr)
Shooter ‘and student’, doctore’ and gangster’
Naturale’ and with implant’, the adults’ and the infants’
In Barcelona and Alicante (Hey, hey), in Santurce and Almirante (Hey, hey, hey!)
Across the street with the Beatles’
Damian Lillard and another buzzer beater (Prr) Whoever
wants to, shoot me
Another thing is that I look, nah-nah-nah, ha
I’m a pitcher, I’m a pitcher, hey
And this is another game I’m going no hitter (Huh!)
I come from PR, land of Clemente
They have everything for me without ballsJeter (A mamabicho), hey
The haters don’t come out, I never see them on the street, for me they live on Twitter, ha, hey, okay
I’m busy making money so
I don’t have time to take care of my children
that no one earns more than they Charge the babysitter, hehe
Daddy, let’s go now, I want to fuck
Okay, okay, give me a break, mommy, ha (Hey)
I spit in your mouth, I pull your hair
I hit you with the bug and with my finger
In the jet private, a fuck in heaven
Today I want a whore, a model, hey ( Ay, ay )
Ah, mommy, chapéame, it doesn’t bother me, heh
That later I’m going to break you with the nectar ( Ay-ay )

[Chorus: Bad Bunny & Arcángel ]
And I already gave it to both of them, the friend repeated
Wow, how delicious she blew me, she put it into the other’s mouth
Hello, haha, my name is Benito, a pleasure, a pleasure
Today you screwed with a legend that will not be born again
And I saw her, go with do’, the friend looked at me
The VIP hit, of course she did, of course she came in
Hello, my name is Austin, a pleasure, a pleasure
You are listening to a legend that will not be born again, no

[Outro: Arcángel & Bad Bunny ]
Ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem
Señor Santos and Señor Martínez once again (Wuh!)
El Fénóneno
Yes, sir (Auh!)
Arcángel, pa, je
Yes, sir
Bad Bunny, baby (EHXX The Professor)
Bad Bunny, baby (It’s Flow Factory)
Bad Bunny, baby
Bad Bunny, baby
Wuh-uh! (Hey)
Bad Bunny, baby ( Hey )
Bad Bunny, baby ( Hey )
Bad Bunny, baby, ba-ba-ba, bi-di-bam-bam-bum-bum

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