How to Fix Common Digital Camera Errors

Camera failures can happen at any moment. Indeed, even the excellent quality Nikon, Sony, or Canon cameras are not without glitches. It may have a digital sensor issue, pictures showing a dark screen, or simply your camera falling into the water, leaving you in an issue.

In addition, immense costs and the dread of losing your data can make you worried.

You can likewise troubleshoot some issues yourself. Try to apply the troubleshooting techniques in different kinds of digital cameras, DSLRs, SLRs, etc. Here we have recorded some typical issues and their fixes.

Common Digital Camera Errors and Their Possible Fixes

1. Digital Camera Will Not Turn On

When a camera does not turn on, generally, it is a battery issue. Either the DSLR battery is not charged, not installed precisely, or it is damaged.

Possible Fixes:

  • Charge the camera battery to full.
  • Appropriately install the battery into its compartment.
  • Remove the lens and memory card from the camera. Sit tight and wait for a couple of moments before inserting them back.
  • A famous technique announced by various clients on different forums is to utilize vinegar to clean the battery. Clean the battery compartment utilizing a q-tip saturated in vinegar if you see consumed buildup. Then, dry the whole compartment before setting the batteries.

Note: This strategy is not an expert tip to fix a non-working DSLR battery. It is one of the mainstream tips suggested by different clients. Be cautioned that if not executed correctly, it can bring about the end of your battery.

When everything is set up, click on the power button to turn on the camera. Assuming still your camera does not turn on, the battery could be destroyed and needs change.

2. The Camera Battery Exhausts Rapidly

The facts show that DSLRs devour a great deal of your battery. LCD and flash burn a lot of battery, bringing about successive low battery cautioning.

Possible Fixes:

  • Limit the LCD utilization; instead, go through the viewfinder to see your pictures and videos.
  • Diminish the use of flash as they burn through a ton of battery power.
  • Try not to utilize an LCD screen, self-focusing, and Shutter half-press together.
  • Utilize great quality battery-powered batteries rather than AA batteries. Incline toward Lithium-ion batteries that last more.
  • Use your camera in power-saving mode. That will close down the camera consequently after a more extended unused period.
  • At cool temperatures, DSLR batteries get emptied quicker. To keep the batteries warm, take them out and enclose them with a material when not being used.

3. Camera LCD not Working or Clear

LCD not working or gone clear can be caused by numerous means. For example, this issue can be brought out by incorrect settings or some battery issues.

Possible Fixes:

  • Ensure you have taken out the lens cover before taking photographs.
  • Press the FINDER or LCD button and tap it to turn the LCD on and off.
  • If your camera has a DISPLAY/DISP button, press it a few times.
  • Check if the power-saving mode settings have cleared the LCD.
  • Check if the brilliance level is not very low.
  • Remove or uninstall the battery and memory card and sit tight for few moments before reinserting it.

When the above workarounds do not work, attempt to reset settings to default. Some DSLRs like Nikon have a 2-button reset method that one can easily attempt. You can utilize it to reset the camera to default settings when the display is dark or not working. Check your camera manual for the explicit buttons in your camera to reset.

4. Camera Shutter Error

The issue, showing a message: ‘Error, Press the shutter release button once more’ on digital camera LCD is frequently an equipment issue. The gear motor of the Shutter either gets tight, harmed, or defiled with dust.

Greasing up the gear motor can help fix this problem. If your digital camera is under warranty, you can have it fixed or changed by going to the seller. Try not to fix and open it yourself.

If you are an amateur, give your camera to an expert center for the fix, as opening the gear operating screen can be unsafe. Nonetheless, you can attempt the fixes given below to get rid of this issue.

Possible Fixes:

  • Eject the battery from your digital camera and reinsert it after a couple of hours.
  • Charge your battery to complete and see if that solves the error.
  • Remove the lens from your camera and reattach it.
  • Cautiously clean the lens surface and its connections with a professional lens cleaning tool.
  • Change to manual mode and set the shutter speed to the bulb, or try using the camera in the lowest setting.
  • Try attaching another alternate lens to your camera.

5. Camera SD Card Issue

Camera memory card problems, for example, “Card Error,” “This card can’t be used,” “Write Error,” etc., can stress you, as they put your essential photographs and recordings at risk.

Possible Fixes:

  • Eject, clean, and reinsert your memory card in the DSLR.
  • If your camera is write-protected, open its memory card by sliding up the lock switch on the side.
  • Connect the SD memory card to the PC and move all data.
  • If you discover any photograph or video missing from your memory card, attempt to recover it with SD card recovery programs like WondershareRecoverit
  • Make sure that you are utilizing the supported SD card as proposed by the manufacturer.
  • Assuming the error still shows up, format your card to make it brand new.

How to Recover Lost Data from Corrupted SD Card with Recoverit

WondershareRecoverit is a fantastic data recovery tool that can recover lost data from PCs, hard drives, and other storage gadgets. All you need is to download and install Recoverit Data Recovery Software on your Windows PC.

In this instructional exercise, we will zero in on the best way to recover erased data on Windows PC. Additionally, with the means, you can begin memory card data recovery as follow:

Stage 1: Select your SD Card or Memory Card Storage

Firstly, connect your memory card with the PC. Select your SD card on the list of the disk that shows up on your PC screen and clicks “Start.”

Stage 2: Scan the SD Memory Card and Search Data

Recoverit software will begin scanning your card. It will require some time to finish the results.

Stage 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Data

After the scan, you can check all recovered data and documents. Go to review some recovered data like photographs and video, select your documents, and snap “Recover” catch to get them back.

It would be best to save any recovered data to the SD card from which you lost data previously.


Indeed, it is baffling when the camera doesn’t work as expected. That way, a portion of the issues can be fixed, and some can be not. Keeping your camera clean and in the most secure spot is the best practice to fix the issue.

However, on different occasions, fixing costs are more than the camera itself. In such cases, you should buy another camera or an old model.

If, after fixing these errors, your photos or videos got deleted accidentally, you can attempt the previously mentioned Recoverit Data Recovery Software to get them back.

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